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Cocula, Jalisco: Birthplace of Mariachi

Located in the “Lagunas” region of the state of Jalisco, Cocula is a famous town in the national stage because here, the mariachi was born.

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What to Do in Cocula

Get to know the “Purísima” Church (Immaculate Conception)

It is one of the most important and oldest religious constructions in Jalisco. Built in the 16th century, its temple has a beautiful pink quarry facade, with two sections. Be sure to admire its tower that, apparently incomplete, was covered by a series of tiles that today form its roof.

Discover the Mariachi Museum

Discover the Museum “De Cocula es el Mariachi”. Inaugurated in the year 2000, this venue offers a pleasant journey through the origin and history of this famous musical genre. Through instruments, photographs and documents exhibited in its five rooms, you can get an overview of how this sound and the group that plays it have evolved to become one of the indisputable symbols of Mexican culture worldwide. It is located at 29 Juárez street 48500, in downtown.

Visit the Ex Haciendas

Visit Cofradía de la Luz, La Sauceda and San Diego, which are located a few kilometers from downtown Cocula. In them, you will be able to discover what country life was like in this region during colonial times, as well as during much of the 19th century. You will also learn about the history of these constructions and about the activities that once brought them prosperity, such as sugar production.

Interesting Facts About Cocula

How to Get to Cocula

Leaving Guadalajara (74 km to the southwest), you must take the federal highway 54 heading to Acatlán de Juárez. From there, take the corresponding deviation that leads to Villa Corona and Cocula following highway 80.


If you are interested in buying regional items as souvenirs, in Cocula you will find beautiful leather items and accessories, decorated with pita (cord of vegetable origin, widely used as an adornment in charro clothing).


The weather in the region is semi-warm (for most of the year), so during your visit, we recommend you dress in light clothing. Around the months of October to January, do not forget to carry a sweater or sweatshirt that covers you, especially in the afternoons, when the cold that is felt when it begins to get dark.

Curious Fact

In Cocula is the only school in the Republic whose primary mission is the training of new generations of professionals dedicated to mariachi music: the Regional School of Mariachi, which by the way, has just been remodeled.